June 2018

Few Reactions To Wang Ping-Chung Arrest Indicate That Taiwanese Society Accepts Veracity Of Spying Charges

With Wang Ping-Chung, his father Wang Ching-Pu, and fellow New Party officials Ho Han-ting and Lin Ming-cheng indicted on charges of espionage for spying on China earlier this month, this has prompted few reactions from Taiwanese society. This likely indicates that Taiwanese society has largely come to accept the veracity of charges against them... Read More


台灣與澳洲簽署的秘密協定中,對待那些澳洲滕博爾(Turnbull)政府拒絕入境的諾魯難民的方式,證明了台澳兩國共謀侵犯人權,可恥至極。然而,蔡政府卻試圖將此事件美化為台灣對國際人權的貢獻,以及和國際間關係密切往來的里程碑。《雪梨先驅晨報》揭露了這則新聞之後,台灣和澳洲政府先後證實了報導的確屬實。... Read More

Debate About Two-Stroke Scooters, Plastic Straws Point To Challenges Facing Environmental Legislation

Demonstrations by two-stroke scooters owners as well as recent controversy regarding plastic straws illustrate some of the difficulties facing efforts to introduce environmental legislation in Taiwan. As with elsewhere in the world, efforts at environmental legislation will meet resistance when they infringe upon long-held social habits... Read More