August 2019

Weak Responses by University Administrations After Attacks on Hong Kong Students Points to a Larger Issue

Two recent incidents of Chinese students attacking Hong Kong students in Taiwan over Lennon Walls have met with relative inaction by university authorities. This should be of little surprise, seeing as Taiwan is already a place in which attacks from pro-unification advocates take place to few, if any response, from the authorities... Read More

Whether in Hong Kong or Taiwan, the Behavior of Political Elites Proves Unsurprising

Hong Kong Chief Executive Carrie Lam has become an increasingly contested presence as demonstrations in Hong Kong continue, with Lam refusing to compromise on any of the political demands called for by demonstrators. However, particularly in comparison with KMT political elites in Taiwan, Lam's behavior to date should not be surprising... Read More

Challenges Remain to Uncovering the Truth Behind White Terror Incidents

The long path for transitional justice to be achieved in Taiwan is evident in the challenges faced by efforts to bring the truth of major incidents during the White Terror to light. President Tsai Ing-wen vowed to do so in July through declassifying the files of the National Security Bureau and other institutions of the ROC state that carried out political persecutions on behalf of the KMT during the authoritarian period... Read More


籽是一個藉由凸顯個人努力來發掘與推廣正義事業的攝影專欄。這些人是正義與抗爭的種子, 也是社會運動與社會改變的種子。上週末在紐約市有 700 多人為了支持香港反送中而上街遊行。這幾個禮拜的香港社會運動含括很多訴求,不過最重要的還是針對香港民主與警察暴力。... Read More


儘管許多國際媒體認為蔡政府將提供庇護港人的協助,但蔡政府的庇護措施仍然沒有實質上的進展。也就是說,台灣仍然缺少正式、系統性的庇護申請程序;事實上,我們如果仔細觀察蔡政府過去幾週對香港的言論的話,我們不難發現,蔡政府其實應該更扎實地處理台灣的政治庇護程序。... Read More