China’s Treatment of Taiwanese Trapped in Wuhan is Instructive

The Chinese government's refusal to allow four hundred Taiwanese citizens trapped in Wuhan to return to Taiwan points to the contradictions of China’s efforts at luring Taiwan back into the fold. Taiwanese trapped in Wuhan are unable to leave the city, because of the fact that the city has been sealed off due to the outbreak of the coronavirus... Read More


去年11月,美國羅徹斯特大學(University of Rochester)有學生發現,原本與其他國家的國旗並列在赫斯特大廳(Hirst Lounge)的中華民國(Republic of China,即台灣)國旗,突然被移到了香港國旗旁。在此前,中華民國國旗一直與其他國家的國旗,依字母順序並列在所有旗幟中。此外,在羅徹斯特大學的網站上,學校官方先是創造了一個既具創意又令人疑惑的類別「次國家」,並將台灣和香港歸類其下,然在遭受各方抗議後將其改為「特殊自治區和其他地區」(「次國家」一詞在11月20日仍存於其URL鏈接)。後於11月21日,羅徹斯特大學似乎採取的妥協解決方案是將所有國旗分為「聯合國認可的國家」和「其他國家和地區」,並將台灣和香港置於「其他國家和地區」之下。奇怪的是,儘管科索沃(Kosovo)和台灣一樣沒有被聯合國認可,其網站仍將科索沃列在「聯合國認可的國家」之下,這樣的做法不禁令人懷疑背後的動機?... Read More

Incidents Highlight Chinese Pressure on Taiwan in Entertainment Industry and in International Organizations

Two recent incidents highlight Taiwan’s marginalization from the international community as a result of Chinese pressure. The first incident took place after Axios reported last week that the World Bank had attempted to compel Taiwanese staff members to obtain Chinese passports, as a condition of maintaining their employment. In the second incident, Taiwanese streaming personality Potter King found himself blocked from his Weibo account earlier this week after making a video in which he appeared with Taiwanese president Tsai Ing-wen and referred to her as “President”... Read More

Questions Remain Unanswered About Secretive Refugee Medical Deal Between Taiwan and Australia

A 2017 deal inked between Taiwan and Australia for Taiwan to provide medical treatment for refugees stranded on Nauru that the Australian government refuses to admit was again in the news last month after Buzzfeed News obtained the text of the Memorandum of Understanding inked between the two countries regarding the agreement... Read More

Rochester, Beijing, and the Suppression of Taiwan and Hong Kong

Last week, the University of Rochester in the United States was found to have moved the Republic of China flag, formerly exhibited side by side with other international flags in alphabetical order, next to the flag of Hong Kong in the university’s Hirst Lounge where flags representing countries from its student body are displayed... Read More