June 2018

Abuses Against Migrant Fishermen Continue In Taiwan

Rights abuses of migrant fishermen are in the news again in Taiwan, particularly on the heels of a report last month by Greenpeace East Asia condemning treatment of migrant fishermen, and rallies by a coalition of NGOs calling themselves “Human Rights for Migrant Fishers.” However, while the issue is a known one and migrant workers’ groups have allied themselves with Taiwanese labor groups, it remains to be seen how to make the issue resonate in wider Taiwanese society... Read More

Wave Of Murders In Past Month Has Its Roots In Toxic Masculinity In Taiwanese Society

A series of murders that took place in the last month have become hotly discussed in Taiwanese society. In deeper examination, one observes that these cases were all committed by men against women, and that these men usually justified their actions on similar grounds. These murder cases, then, ultimately have their roots in toxic masculinity and the normalization of male violence against women in Taiwanese society... Read More