March 2018

“Unicorn” Promises By Executive Yuan Likely To Prove All Talk

Claims by the Executive Yuan last month that it intends to realize Taiwan’s first unicorn company in the next two years would simply another case in point in which Taiwan desperately chases after what it perceives to be “international trends”, but has considered little of what that would mean, nor has taken the concrete steps to realize its claimed aspirations... Read More


每當台灣向「國際社會」呼籲關注時,通常對象指的是美國。從這點看來,台灣腦中的「國際社會」往往只有美國,很少會想到其他國家。不過,台灣對於美國的理解有時卻相當片面,這點從過去一週的新聞報導中就可看出:川普政府在一連串極具諷刺的人事大風吹之後,由波頓和納瓦羅這兩位被台媒認作是「親台派」的人物領銜主導。事實上,納瓦羅、波頓等人的親台傾向,只是一種反對中國的方式,並非真正關心台灣。... Read More

Should Taiwan Celebrate Bolton and Navarro Appointments While The Rest Of The World Recoils In Terror?

The return to power of John Bolton and Peter Navarro in the Trump administration, after a period in which both were relegated to lesser roles in favor of other political actors, have been celebrated by some in Taiwan. But such appointments are signs of the incoherence and irrational hawkishness of the Trump Administration much more than they are indications of any more supportive policy of Taiwan... Read More

Tillerson Ouster Sign That Hawkish, Protectionist Wing Of Trump Administration Is Again Ascendant

With the replacement of Secretary of State Rex Tillerson with Mike Pompeo, head of the CIA, it appears that the protectionist wing of the Trump administration is again ascendent. As such, fears prevail that individuals within the Trump administration viewed as stabilizing of it will similarly depart the Trump administration in the near future... Read More