April 2020

KMT Institute Calls for Attempts to Outreach to Youth, Yet Invites Ma Ying-jeou as First Speaker

An early indication that efforts by newly elected KMT chair Johnny Chiang to reform the party have run into a roadblock can be seen in Chiang’s declaration that the Institute of Revolutionary Practice will play an important role in the party’s rejuvenation and the subsequent announcement of the institute's initial program... Read More

Confirmed COVID-19 Cases in Taiwan Hold Steady, With Fifteen Days of No Domestic Transmission

The Centers for Disease Control reported no new confirmed cases of COVID-19 today, with today marking the 15th consecutive day in which there were no cases of domestic transmission of COVID-19. Taiwan has had a total of 429 confirmed cases of COVID-19, with six deaths to date, and 290 individuals now released from quarantine... Read More

無政府時代的來臨(三) 無治、無民的啟程紀元

在目睹全球極權化的種種事實後,或許有人仍會不無惶惑地問道:今日的我們是否已然身處無政府主義勢不可擋的革命浪潮中?關於這個疑問,其實只要冷靜思考作為關鍵前線的香港戰役,就可以確知無誤了。筆者相信,香港接下來的發展不僅會打破所有企圖迴避無政府革命的茍且幻想,而且此役無論成敗,都將使全世界的抗爭者從和理非主義徹底失效的經驗以及中共極權蠻橫殘虐的暴行中,學習到對抗國家極權化暴力時應考慮的武裝化戰略轉向。另一方面,相信也有人會疑惑:既然我們面對的是極權主義的威脅,為何不能只推翻極權政體便可,而是要徹底瓦解「政府國家」這種我們已然習以為常的現代統治體制呢?解答這個問題的關鍵邏輯在於,倘若極權主義是政府國家的特殊病態,那麼僅只是打倒極權或足可解除危機,但如果我們已然認識到極權主義是政府國家的本質與必然演化,則我們就有必要確認主張無政府主義以推翻所有政府國家的迫切性。... Read More

Chinese Military Increases Activity Around Taiwan During COVID-19 Pandemic

In the past three months, one has observed an increase in Chinese and American military activity in the area around Taiwan. Namely, one has observed a sharp uptick in Chinese military activity around Taiwan in the course of the COVID-19 pandemic, and American military activity has primarily been in response to Chinese military activity... Read More