February 2017

No End In Sight For The Tsai Administration’s War On Drugs?

The war on drugs under the Tsai administration seems set to continue, with recent public scandals regarding drug use on army bases, the scandal caused by a drug-related death after a party at the five-star W Hotel in Taipei, and major drug crackdowns. Very likely, the Tsai administration is determined to make harsh drug policy enforcement one of its political achievements... Read More

Indigenous Demonstrate For Return Of Traditional Lands

This afternoon saw a demonstration and the performance of traditional dances by Taiwanese indigenous and their allies on Ketagalan Boulevard, in front of the Presidential Office Building. The issue at hand was backsliding by the Tsai administration on vows to restore traditional indigenous territories, something which was promised by the Tsai administration as part of its historic apology to indigenous on behalf of the ROC government in August of last year... Read More

Radio New Bloom #2: Interview With Chanda Prescod-Weinstein

New Bloom presents the second installment of our podcast, Radio New Bloom! Our interview guest for this installment is Chanda Prescod-Weinstein, who wrote "Black Lives Matter, Taiwan’s ‘228 Incident,’ and the Transnational Struggle For Liberation" in the Black Youth Project, reflecting on the parallels between Taiwan's 228 Incident and the policing of black populations in the United States... Read More