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Calling For a Return to Sinocentrism in the Name of Opposing It: Responding to ‘Reconsidering Sinophone Studies’

The International Journal of Taiwan Studies, one of the flagship journals of the discipline, published an unusual piece several months ago by Flair Donglai Shi. Though framed as an attack on Shih Shu-mei’s concept of the Sinophone, the crux of the piece’s argument is effectively that Taiwan studies is insufficiently Sinocentric...


Radio New Bloom #19: Coen Blaauw on Thirty Years of Pro-Taiwan Advocacy in Washington

For the nineteenth episode of Radio New Bloom, we feature an interview with Coen Blaauw, a Dutch lawyer and Senior Policy Advisor to the Formosan Association for Public Affairs, a US non-profit promoting Taiwan’s right to self-determination. He joined FAPA in 1989 and has since become a central figure in the Taiwan independence movement in the United States. He specializes in connecting with members of the U.S. Congress, drafting Taiwan-related legislation, and recruiting support for these legislations....