Social Movements

Despite Two Million Participants in Yesterday’s March, Hong Kong Government Has Yet to Withdraw Extradition Bill

Yesterday's march against the Beijing-backed extradition bill pushed for by the Hong Kong government ended without major incident, with over two million residents of Hong Kong taking to the streets by the time of the demonstration’s end. But with the Hong Kong government not yet withdrawing the extradition bill, more protests are expected for today, inclusive of another call for a general strike... Read More

Over 1.4 Million Demonstrators Protest Hong Kong Government, Call for Full Withdrawal of Extradition Bill

Demonstrators marched through the streets of Hong Kong in the thousands once again today in order to protest against the Hong Kong government’s handling of a planned extradition treaty which would allow Hong Kong residents to be deported to China to face criminal charges. Organizers claim that over 1,400,000 demonstrators are present.... Read More


Review: Love Boat: Taiwan (愛之船:台灣)

Valerie Soe's Love Boat: Taiwan details the history of an institution well-known among diasporic Taiwanese and particularly Taiwanese-Americans—the Love Boat, officially known as the Overseas Compatriot Youth Formosa Study Tour. Despite how widely known the program is, Love Boat: Taiwan is likely the first attempt to historically document the program... Read More


Interview: Stuart and Lance Chen-Hayes

New Bloom editor Brian Hioe interviewed Stuart and Lance Chen-Hayes, who recently published Double Dads One Teen: A Queer Family’s Trailblazing Life in the USA and Taiwan, by e-mail, following a meeting in Taipei. Lance is Taiwan's first out gay dad and their nonbinary teen, Kalani, recently became the first Taiwanese citizen with two father's names on both an international birth certificate and an international marriage license... Read More