Social Movements

Filibuster Of Labor Changes In Legislature, Outrage Over DPP Comments

Outrage has ensued against the DPP’s compromise of its values with the passage of new changes to the Labor Standards Act, particularly following conflict between DPP legislators and Hsu Yung-ming of the NPP in the Legislative Yuan, during which DPP legislator Chiu Yi-ying lashed out verbally at Sunflower Movement activists... Read More

Far Eastern Flight Attendants’ Union Alleges Sexism From Management

The ongoing struggle of Far Eastern Air Transport flight attendants against their management has taken on another layer, with accusations by female flight attendants that they were called on to serve alcohol for clients by their management, something decidedly not part of the job of flight attendants. Union representatives allege that this evidences sexism and objectification of female flight attendants by the management... Read More