Social Movements

Local Controversy Over Plans For Ruifang Coal-Fired Plant

A local controversy has broken out over plans by Taipower to build a coal-fired power plant in the Nanao Fishing Harbor in Ruifang District in eastern New Taipei City at an existing facility. In particular, Taipower has been criticized with the view that it is attempting to unilaterally go through with construction of the plant despite lack of adequate public discussion of the issue, attempting in that way to shrug off environmental and health concerns for local residents... Read More

Seven Hour Police Detention Of Sports Reform Activist Provokes Outrage

Anger has broken out from Taiwanese activists over the detention and questioning of sporting reform association Fair Game! TAIWAN! member Zhang Youxuan by police at the behest of the Chinese Taipei Volleyball Association. On Tuesday, Zhang was detained for over seven hours on charges of illegally eavesdropping on a closed door meeting was held between officials of the Chinese Taipei Volleyball Association and the Sports Administration of the Ministry of Education, and refused to allow to leave into the late night in spite of the 6.4-magnitude earthquake that struck Hualien on Tuesday night. The detention seems to have occurred at behest of the Chinese Taipei Volleyball Association, which sought to press charges against Zhang... Read More

Mandarin Language Test At Hong Kong Baptist University Leads To Protests

The suspension of two students following demonstrations in Hong Kong against a new Mandarin requirement for graduation at Hong Kong Baptist University has provoked outrage among many. In particular, the language test is probably part of long-term efforts by Beijing aimed at curbing the use of Cantonese in Hong Kong and only allowing the use of Mandarin, in the hopes that this can dampen Hong Kong identity... Read More