Pingpu Groups Hold March to Call for Recognition

Pingpu groups held a rally last Tuesday to call on President Tsai Ing-wen to acknowledge their status as indigenous. Currently unacknowledged indigenous groups, such as Babuza, Ketagalan, Makatao, Pazeh, and Siraya were among those present at the demonstration to call for their official recognition, which was primarily organized by the Tainan Siraya Culture Association... Read More

Recent Incidents Point Toward Need for Stronger Protections for Migrant Workers in Taiwan

A number of recent incidents over the past few months point to the need for stronger protections for migrant workers in Taiwan. The first incident involves the death of a migrant worker after a hydrofluoric acid spill in a factory, the second incident involves the death of a migrant worker in a hospital in Nantou under mysterious circumstances, and the third incident involves the sentencing of a police officer involved in the shooting death of a migrant worker in 2017... Read More

Anger from Indigenous Activists After Protest Against Efforts to Protect Indigenous Territories

Over one thousand members of the Taiwan Association for the Rights of Non-Aboriginal Residents in Mountain Indigenous Townships protested against the Council of Indigenous Peoples’ efforts to protect indigenous traditional territories outside of the Executive Yuan and Council of Indigenous Peoples' yesterday. This has led to anger from indigenous activists... Read More

Controversy About Indigenous and Gender Representation After NPP Party Congress

Controversy has broken out after the NPP’s first general meeting for members was held last Saturday in Xindian. Namely, criticisms of the party have arisen from indigenous members of the party and others after a proposal that the central committee of the NPP should have at least one indigenous member and that no gender should have less than one-third representation on the central committee was voted down... Read More