March 2016

There Will Be Blood: Taiwan’s Rancorous Discourse On Capital Punishment

The ghastly random killing of a four-year-old girl in Neihu, Taipei on Monday has garnered widespread attention, nationally and internationally. What has almost simultaneously been triggered is a reinvigoration of the debate over the abolition of capital punishment in Taiwan. However, it is to be noted that this is hardly a real exchange of ideas, even by the standard of the Wild West that is the Internet, but more like a campaign of persecution against social activists who advocate the abolition of death penalty.... Read More


1960 年代初到台灣時還是少女的艾琳達,在1970 和1980 年代成為台灣民主運動的老將。她在美麗島事件之後雖被驅逐出境,卻仍持續在境外為台灣民主奔走,1990 年獲准重返台灣之後,也繼續參與台灣社會運動。艾琳達2007 年起任教於台北醫學大學,直到2012 年。破土在2015 年8 月訪問艾琳達,隨後於2016 年1 月再次拜訪,順應時事發展補充訪談內容。... Read More