The National Museum of Taiwan History’s Use of Facebook During COVID-19 Pandemic

The National Museum of Taiwan History was among one of the national museums to experience a significant decrease in visitor numbers as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. How can a museum that relies on in-person visitation, history exhibitions, and hands-on education programs stay connected with visitors during a global crisis? In particular, the museum responded by utilizing its Facebook page to stay connected with its visitors and moving some exhibitions and collections online... Read More

Taiwan to Set Up Representative Office in Somaliland

In an unexpected move, the Taiwanese government announced last week that it would be exchanging representative office with Somaliland, a move toward possible formal diplomatic relations. Taiwan and Somaliland have signed an agreement for future cooperation. Somaliland's first representative to Taiwan will be academic Mohamed Omar Hagi Mohamoud... Read More

Tatung Investment Controversy Leads to Conflict Between Sunflower Movement Figures

An unusual controversy has broken out regarding the Tatung Company, one of Taiwan’s most recognizable brands. Tatung primarily produces electronics and appliances and is sometimes thought of as Taiwan’s most recognizable appliance brand. The controversy is unusual because of the involvement of political figures such as former NPP chair Huang Kuo-chang and Economic Democracy Union convener Lai Chung-chiang, both of whom are lawyers that were involved in civil society activism in the years prior to the 2014 Sunflower Movement and who were major figures during the movement... Read More

Details of Hong Kong National Security Law Revealed, New Office to Help Hongkongers Opened in Taiwan

The details of the new Hong Kong security law passed by China’s National People’s Congress became public at around 11 PM yesterday night. Although many were already fearing the worst, the details of the new law indicated even more stringent measures than previously anticipated. In the meantime, the Taiwanese government today officially unveiled a new office to assist Hongkongers in downtown Taipei today. It remains to be seen whether this office will be able to provide for Hongkongers in need of asylum in Taiwan... Read More