Lay Judge Bills Sent to Legislature, Debate Likely to Take Place on Judicial Reform

Judicial reform will likely become an object of contention in the Legislative Yuan in coming days and months, with different versions of a bill implementing a “lay judge” system set to be sent to the legislature from the Executive Yuan and Judicial Yuan. At the same time, judicial reform groups that call for the implementation of a full jury system will likely object to the new bill as still giving too much power to judges... Read More

Lessons From Taiwan on the Fight Against the Coronavirus: Between Politics and Collective Experience

How did Taiwan achieve its successes in fighting the COVID-19 coronavirus? Taiwan's strategy in its response to the coronavirus has been informed by three key inter-societal and historic elements: Taiwan's state formation during the 20th century, the political culture among elites that stems from the former process, and the collective experience of the Taiwanese population in dealing with the forces of nature... Read More

Claims by Chinese Officials That COVID-19 Originates in America Follow a Familiar Script

A Chinese diplomatic official raised eyebrows in the past week with claims that the COVID-19 coronavirus may not originate from China. Zhao Lijian, a Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs spokesperson, took to Twitter to claim that the COVID-19 coronavirus might not have originated from Wuhan, but could have been brought to China by the American military... Read More