April 2019

Ahead of International Workers’ Day, Migrant Workers Demonstrate Outside of Ministry of Labor

A demonstration by migrant workers took place outside of the Ministry of Labor this afternoon. Migrant workers demonstrated today because April 28th is the last Sunday before May 1st, which is International Workers’ Day, and which is commemorated with a labor protest every year in Taiwan. However, unless May 1st falls on Sunday—which is usually the only day off that migrant workers have off every week, if they have one at all—most migrant workers are unable to demonstrate that day... Read More

Ten Thousand Protest Against Nuclear Power, Visits by Tsai and Lai at Demonstration

With nuclear energy once again looming as an issue over elections next year, ten thousand demonstrated against nuclear energy in Taipei today. The demonstration saw visits by current president Tsai Ing-wen and former premier William Lai, who are both contending for the DPP's presidential nomination in 2020 elections... Read More