June 2018

Taiwan Should Open Its Doors To Refugees, Chinese Or Otherwise

It proves a disgraceful fact that Taiwan does little to help human rights activists and political dissidents internationally in need of safe harbor, even under a DPP administration. This has been raised in the news lately after Chinese human rights activist Huang Yan, who has been granted political refugee status by the UN, fled to Taiwan seeking asylum. Huang has been granted three month stay in Taiwan, after which she will have to move elsewhere... Read More

29th Anniversary Of Tiananmen Square Massacre Commemorated In Taipei

Yearly commemorations for the 29th anniversary of the Tiananmen Square Massacre took place in Liberty Plaza yesterday night. As with past years, the demonstration was not widely attended. However, the demonstration serves as proof as the killings committed by the Chinese Communist Party leadership in 1989 have not been forgotten in Taiwan... Read More