June 2018

After Huashan Murder, Attempts To Scapegoat Creatives On PTT And In Taiwanese Media

The conservatism of Taiwanese social morality can be observed in reactions to a recent murder case that occurred in the 120 Grassroots Self-Autonomous Zone, involving the dismemberment of a 30-year-old woman surnamed Gao by a 37-year-old archery teacher surnamed Chen. What is visible through such reactions are attempts to displace blame onto a small group of young people while avoiding addressing deep-rooted problems of toxic masculinity in Taiwanese society. Much reactions have been centered on the Internet, particularly through PTT, including doxxing, harassment, and the posting online of personal information of Grassroots organizers by way of the "human flesh search engine"... Read More


近日於120草原自治區,一名三十歲的高姓女子,被一名37歲的陳姓射箭老師殺害分屍。從大眾反應中,可明顯看出台灣的保守社會道德,企圖將責難推給一小撮年輕人,同時避免解決台灣社會傳統沙文主義(toxic masculinity)根深蒂固的問題。許多社會反應來自網路,尤其是PTT,包括鄉民進行人肉搜索。... Read More

Fears Of Chinese Takeover Prompt Protests In Vietnam And Solidarity Rallies In Taiwan

Demonstrations against a plan by the Vietnamese government to create special economic zones that will be leased to China took place outside the Vietnamese representative office in Taipei last weekend. Fears have been raised that this will allow for Chinese economic and political influence to enter Vietnam, with China eventually aiming to assimilate and absorb Vietnam wholesale. Solidarity rallies have also taken place in Taiwan... Read More

Demonstrations Against Student Debt And School Closures Last Weekend

Two demonstrations regarding education took place over last weekend. The first took place on Saturday afternoon outside the Executive Yuan and concerned itself with anticipated tuition hikes slated to be announced by Executive Yuan later this month. The second demonstration took place on Sunday morning outside the Ministry of Education, as an emergency mobilization against the sudden suspension of operations of the Asia-Pacific Institute of Creativity... Read More