September 2016

DMG Entertainment Cooperating With The White Wolf To Acquire Eastern Broadcasting?

The saga of DMG Entertainment seeking to acquire Taiwan’s Eastern Broadcasting Company would seem to have become more complicated in recent days with reports that DMG is seeking former gangster turned pro-unification politician “White Wolf” Chang An-Lo, who committed political assassinations for the KMT in the past, to act as its representative in Taiwan... Read More

Interview: Front Cover Director Ray Yeung

Ray Yeung is a director of Hong Kong origin whose films touch upon the lives of queer Asian men and issues related to coming out and cultural expectations. His latest film Front Cover centers around these topics and will be showing next at Angelika Pop-Up in Washington D.C. starting Friday, September 30, 2016. The film will also be showing in Taipei at the Taipei Queer International Film Festival on October 22 and 30... Read More