September 2020


美國豬、牛肉進口爭議在台灣媒體已經搶佔版面許多天。國民黨、民進黨兩黨立場對換可以讓我們難得看到這麼清楚的政治虛偽。2008 年,民進黨內重要的政治人物們,包括現在的蔡英文總統,發起大型抗議活動就為了反對進口美國豬、牛肉。2020 年,民進黨執政,卻積極要合法化美國紅肉進口。馬英九總統在 2008 年是一位非常激烈的美國豬、牛肉進口擁護者,可是 2020 年,卻要求蔡總統道歉並推遲進口程序。... Read More

China May Be Seeking to Drive the Public into the KMT’s Arms Through Military Intimidation

A political spat between high-ranking KMT and DPP politicians broke out last month after comments by former president Ma Ying-jeou of the KMT regarding Taiwan’s national defense. According to Ma, in the event of a Chinese invasion, Taiwan’s military would not last for more than several days, as a result of which the “first battle would be the last battle.” Consequently, Ma referred to current president Tsai Ing-wen’s cross-strait policy as overly provocative of China, as having brought Taiwan to “the brink of war”... Read More

Taiwan News Continues Record of Endangering National Security with Misleading Report on Chinese Rocket Launch

One of Taiwan's largest English-language domestic media outlets, Taiwan News, continued its record of publishing news reports actively endangering Taiwan's national security yesterday. This took place after the publication of an article entitled “China fires Long March rocket directly over Taiwan”, written by senior editor Keoni Everington... Read More

Claims That Five Hongkongers Detained in Taiwan Since July Stir Controversy

Controversy has broken out after claims that the Taiwanese government has been holding five Hongkongers that fled to Taiwan under detention for the last two months. The Taiwanese government was, for the most part, opaque over past weeks about whether it is, in fact, holding the five Hongkongers—with questions having been raised about whether they have been allowed to see lawyers or contact their families... Read More

KMT Criticized After Claim that the National Palace Museum Collection is a Party Asset

A wave of backlash has ensued against the KMT after comments by a party representative at the party’s recent national congress arguing that the contents of the National Palace Museum’s collection belong to the party and can be considered a party asset. In particular, the comments are seen as reflective of the authoritarian views of the KMT, in that despite Taiwan’s democratization, some members of the party still view the KMT as synonymous with the state... Read More