Theory and History

Baodiao and the History of Postwar Taiwanese Leftist Thought

Discourse in Taiwan has long been one that contrasted the pro-unification left with the pro-independence camp, implying a lack of (traditional) leftist politics on the part of pro-independence forces. This has been exacerbated by pro-unification left voices having often been given more prominence in the English-speaking world and taken as representing the Taiwanese left. Since many of these issues can be traced back to the 1970 Baodiao Movement, a preliminary look at the history of postwar Taiwanese leftism since then can help shed a light on some of the paradoxes and shortcomings of both the pro-unification left and the pro-independence camp, as well as teach valuable lessons for alternatives for a Taiwanese left moving forward... Read More

40th Anniversary of Kaohsiung Incident Should Prompt Reflection on Taiwan’s Unfinished Democratization

With the 40th anniversary of the 1979 Kaohsiung Incident today, also known as the Formosa Incident or Meilidao Incident, it may be worth reflecting on what has changed in Taiwan in the decades since then⁠—but also to what extent many of the tasks of Taiwan’s democracy movement remain unfinished... Read More


哲學家列維納斯(Emmanuel Lévinas)身為經歷過二戰、曾被監禁集中營的人,深知倫理的重要性。他最為出名的概念是「臉」:當我們看到他人受苦、哀傷的臉的時候,他人的臉代表著一種訴求,要求我們不得就這樣讓他人死去。有著尤太背景的他,也說過驚為天人的話:上帝不在天上,那裡是空的;上帝存在於我與他者的關係之中。而只有我們在承擔起責任的時候,倫理才會開始,神聖才會出現。... Read More

What Will Happen If Progressive Taiwanese Civil Society Is Defeated Through The Referendum?

Referendum reform has historically been pushed for by progressive civil society groups in Taiwan, as a means to resolve longstanding issues blocked by the KMT and other conservative forces. Progressive civil society groups were finally victorious in amending the Referendum Act last year, lowering the benchmarks needed to hold a referendum in Taiwan. But what if the results of referendum voting tomorrow indicate that, ironically enough, conservatives have managed to hijack the referendum and to use it against progressive civil society?... Read More

29th Anniversary Of Tiananmen Square Massacre Commemorated In Taipei

Yearly commemorations for the 29th anniversary of the Tiananmen Square Massacre took place in Liberty Plaza yesterday night. As with past years, the demonstration was not widely attended. However, the demonstration serves as proof as the killings committed by the Chinese Communist Party leadership in 1989 have not been forgotten in Taiwan... Read More