Theory and History


1960 年代初到台灣時還是少女的艾琳達,在1970 和1980 年代成為台灣民主運動的老將。她在美麗島事件之後雖被驅逐出境,卻仍持續在境外為台灣民主奔走,1990 年獲准重返台灣之後,也繼續參與台灣社會運動。艾琳達2007 年起任教於台北醫學大學,直到2012 年。破土在2015 年8 月訪問艾琳達,隨後於2016 年1 月再次拜訪,順應時事發展補充訪談內容。... Read More

The Chinese New Left: Anti-Capitalist Within China, Imperialist Outside of China?

If the New Left’s nationalism trumps Leftism, it is because of the New Left’s view that the China model, however flawed, is still superior to the West. It is such that the New Left suggests that the China model can and should be exported outside of China, hence where they become apologists for Chinese imperialism... Read More

What is the Chinese New Left?: Between Leftism and Nationalism?

Perhaps one of the most significant intellectual formations operating in today’s world, China’s New Left arose in the 1990s in opposition to the turn of China away from a centrally planned economy and a return to free market principles after the Deng Xiaoping period. More broadly, the New Left project emphasizes the growing disparities between rural and urban areas in post-Deng China, the sacrifice of principles of equality in order to drive toward development, and calls for a critical revaluation of China’s Maoist legacy in light of China’s present—inclusive of the Great Leap Forward and the Cultural Revolution.... Read More