Radio New Bloom

Radio New Bloom #7: Ties Between Palau and Taiwan in the Time of the Coronavirus

For this special installment of Radio New Bloom, hosted by New Bloom editor Garrett Dee, we spoke with Palau-based journalist Bernadette Carreon about responses to COVID-19 in Palau, and aid from Taiwan to Palau regarding efforts to fight COVID-19, particularly regarding attempts by the Taiwanese government to export its model of dealing with public health issues to other countries... Read More

Radio New Bloom #4: Interview With Indivisible Taiwan

New Bloom presents the fourth installment of our podcast, Radio New Bloom! For this installment, we spoke with members of Indivisible Taiwan regarding the formation of their group after the election of Donald Trump, and actions of theirs such as the Women's March, March for Science, and other coordinated group actions... Read More

Radio New Bloom #2: Interview With Chanda Prescod-Weinstein

New Bloom presents the second installment of our podcast, Radio New Bloom! Our interview guest for this installment is Chanda Prescod-Weinstein, who wrote "Black Lives Matter, Taiwan’s ‘228 Incident,’ and the Transnational Struggle For Liberation" in the Black Youth Project, reflecting on the parallels between Taiwan's 228 Incident and the policing of black populations in the United States... Read More