July 2018

In DPP Congress, Tsai Emphasizes Constitutional Reform, Winning Kaohsiung By-Election

President Tsai Ing-wen signaled a renewed focus on constitutional reform for her second term earlier this week in public comments at the DPP’s national congress. Tsai gave these comments in her capacity as chair of the DPP. Likewise, Tsai emphasized that the next major electoral task ahead of the DPP was winning the Kaohsiung by-election, which she phrased as “restoring the glory of Kaohsiung”... Read More

Vaccine Scare In China Points To Systemic Issues

Outrage over vaccines distributed by Changchun Changsheng Bio-technology Ltd. has broken out in China in the past month. It was announced on July 15th that state regulators had discovered that Changchun Changsheng had falsified production data for a human rabies vaccine. Several days later, it was announced that diphtheria, tetanus, and whooping cough vaccines distributed by Changchun Changsheng in 2017 had been substandard... Read More

Chinese Pressure Causes Taiwan To Lose Hosting Rights For East Asian Youth Games

Chinese pressure on Taiwanese participation in sporting events continues. This can be seen in two recent incidents, with China successfully forcing Taiwan out of hosting the East Asian Youth Games through pressure on the East Asian Olympic Committee and attempts to force Taiwan out of participating in the 2018 Gay Games in Paris next month under the name “Taiwan”... Read More


上週三(6/20),數十人集結於台塑股東會,抗議於二〇一六年四月開始的魚群死亡潮。在台塑河靜鋼鐵公司的鋼鐵工廠完工時,魚群便開始大量死亡。魚群的死亡數量相當可觀,數百萬隻魚的屍體在越南兩百公里沿海被沖上岸。而魚群死亡也讓大量漁村陷入憂愁,甚至傳出食物中毒的報導。... Read More