October 2014

An End to Hong Kong’s “Umbrella Revolution”?

Now approaching a month’s duration, the series of protests which have rocked Hong Kong since late September have seen a series of events in the past week including attempts at negotiation between students and government, the breakdown of negotiations, continued police violence, and growing public sentiment against occupiers. But we have seen this before... Read More

Film and Interview: Bait / 誘餌

因緣際會下認識了現在人在香港浸會大學讀電影的導演張永攀,之前,他跟拍過一些紀錄片,後來在茉莉花事件時被抓進看守所關了一個多月,在這段監獄時光中,他想了許多事情,並決定以電影讓世界了解中國的現在與未來,而正在香港求學的他,下一部片子的主題將會是非常值得關注的「佔領中環」。... Read More