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Continued Debates Over The Role Of Classical Chinese In Taiwan

The defeat of a recent push by language and literature scholars to reform the teaching of Chinese in Taiwan has had surprising implications. Namely, despite the defeat of a push by the Association for Taiwan Literature to reduce the amount of classical Chinese currently taught in Taiwanese, this drew comment from high-ranking Chinese government officials including An Fengshan of the Taiwan Affairs Office. It seems, then, that the debate over the teaching of classical Chinese in Taiwan has become significant enough to draw attention from China... Read More

Recent Debates About Teaching Of Classical Chinese In Taiwan

A recent statement by the Association for Taiwan Literature calling on the Ministry of Education to change the education curriculum in Taiwan to focus less on traditional Chinese classics and instead to draw on materials more suitable to contemporary Taiwan is the end result of a series of debates in past months about differences between Taiwanese and Chinese literature, as well as language learning in Taiwan... Read More


人們隱隱猜想,不管劉奕德的《兩岸酷兒馬克思主義》究竟寫了些甚麼,這本書還是會大獲成功,就只因為它的書名同時包含了「酷兒」、「馬克思主義」和「中國」這幾個詞。不消說,這些全都是在今天這個中國經濟與政治崛起的時代裡,左傾學術圈炙手可熱的行話。... Read More