June 2020

After Passage of National Security Legislation, a Political Crackdown May Be Imminent in Hong Kong

National security legislation targeting Hong Kong was passed by China’s National People’s Congress this morning. It is believed that the new law, which criminalizes sedition, collusion with foreign forces, subversion of the government, and other charges, will have wide sweeping effects on Hong Kong’s political freedoms... Read More

Increased Support for Taiwan From Brazil and India Results From Tensions with China

Several recent incidents indicate how support for Taiwan from other countries sometimes occurs primarily as the result of antagonisms with China rather than genuine solidarity with Taiwan. In particular, tensions between many nations and China have been accentuated by the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and the US-China trade war... Read More


依照傳統意義來說,第三條道路(又稱新中間路線)專指有別於左、右派的社會民主論;稍稍不同的,可能是德國的小眾新納粹政黨「第三條道路」(Der Dritte Weg)。但是,要說前身為「無政府主義」的「安那其」是超脫左、右派的第三條路,這可就耐人尋味了。當然,這就如楊慧儀所寫的,得放回香港的脈絡來看。... Read More