October 2018

Anti-Gay Groups Attempt To Rig Televised Debates Before Marriage Equality Referendum

It has emerged in the past week that anti-gay groups opposed to marriage equality such as the Protect the Family Alliance have taken to registering as pro-marriage equality groups to stand for televised debates which will be organized by the Central Election Commission before the planned referendum on marriage equality next month. This would be as a means of rigging the debate... Read More

140,000 March For 2018 Taiwan Pride, But Challenges Still Remain For Efforts To Realize Marriage Equality

The 16th annual pride parade took place today in Taipei, drawing an claimed 140,000 participants, which would be a new record. This year’s pride parade would be a politically charged event, seeing as a referendum on gay marriage is set to take place next month during elections on November 24th, and this question loomed over the event... Read More

Review: On Happiness Road (幸福路上)

On Happiness Road would be one of the rare examples of a Taiwanese animation to make it to the theater in past years. Nevertheless, despite high-profile attempts to promote the view by the Taiwanese government, as well as Taiwanese celebrities, the film proved a failure at the box offices. It remains to be seen whether this film will gain more attention now that it has been shortlisted as a contender for Best Animated Film at this year's Academy Awards... Read More

Proposed Changes To Religious Basic Act Would Put Religious Groups Above The Law

Outrage has ensued from members of Taiwanese civil society after proposed changes to the Religious Basic Law which would effectively remove religious groups from government oversight. Namely, while members of Taiwanese are among the first defend religious liberties and frequently react against what is perceived as the government overstepping its bounds, concerns are that such changes would effectively make religious groups above the law... Read More