May 2018

Hong Kong-Taiwan Murder Case Complicated By Issues Of Sovereignty

A murder case from earlier this year involving a Hong Kong student murdered in Taiwan by her boyfriend, also from Hong Kong, may go unpunished due to legal loopholes regarding Taiwan’s lack of official recognition by Hong Kong and the lack of any extradition treaty. The case raises a number of issues that could affect relations between Hong Kong and Taiwan going forward... Read More

Backlash Against Reported Plans To Censor Chinese Books Shows High Value Placed On Free Speech In Taiwan

Reflexive anger from Taiwanese publishers after reports earlier this month by the United Daily News that the Ministry of Culture was planning on screening Chinese books allowed to be published in China shows in microcosm the dilemmas facing free speech in Taiwan. Yet this also shows why free speech is aggressively defended in Taiwan and unlikely to come under threat from the government anytime soon... Read More

Can The Trump-Kim Meeting Still Take Place?

Much uncertainty prevails about what will be next for the two Koreas seeing as, last week, American president Donald Trump called off a planned meeting with North Korean leader Kim Jong-un originally slated to take place in Singapore on June 12th. Yet Trump now suggests the meeting could still take place. This raises broader questions for the region at large... Read More

The Broken Dreams Of Hong Kong’s Young: An Interview With Nora Lam, Director Of Lost In The Fumes

Nora Lam is most recently the director of Lost in the Fumes, a documentary about Hong Kong localist Edward Leung. Lam has also worked on films including directing Midnight in Mong Kok and co-directing Road Not Taken. The following interview was conducted on May 9th by New Bloom editors Brian Hioe and Symin Chan during a visit by Lam to Taiwan... Read More