Social Movements

Baodiao and the History of Postwar Taiwanese Leftist Thought

Discourse in Taiwan has long been one that contrasted the pro-unification left with the pro-independence camp, implying a lack of (traditional) leftist politics on the part of pro-independence forces. This has been exacerbated by pro-unification left voices having often been given more prominence in the English-speaking world and taken as representing the Taiwanese left. Since many of these issues can be traced back to the 1970 Baodiao Movement, a preliminary look at the history of postwar Taiwanese leftism since then can help shed a light on some of the paradoxes and shortcomings of both the pro-unification left and the pro-independence camp, as well as teach valuable lessons for alternatives for a Taiwanese left moving forward... Read More

Apple Daily Arrests, Raid Likely Intended to Have a Chilling Effect in Hong Kong’s Media Environment

Jimmy Lai, the owner of the Apple Daily and Next Digital, was arrested today under the provisions of the Hong Kong national security law. Lai’s two sons and at least seven other senior staff members were also taken into custody on various charges. Shortly after Lai's arrest, which took place at 7 AM, over two hundred police were mobilized to search the Apple Daily and Next Digital's offices at 10 AM... Read More