January 2019

Are Language Textbooks Being Used by China to Influence the Taiwanese Educational System?

Concerns about Chinese attempts to subtly influence the Taiwanese education system are back in the news. Reports last month indicated that Chinese language textbooks cowritten by China’s Fujian Normal University and Taiwan’s Chinese Classics Association are in use at twenty high schools in Taiwan, mostly concentrated in Taipei and Kaohsiung... Read More

Controversy About Indigenous and Gender Representation After NPP Party Congress

Controversy has broken out after the NPP’s first general meeting for members was held last Saturday in Xindian. Namely, criticisms of the party have arisen from indigenous members of the party and others after a proposal that the central committee of the NPP should have at least one indigenous member and that no gender should have less than one-third representation on the central committee was voted down... Read More

Chinese Asylum Seekers Stranded for Over One Hundred Days in Taoyuan International Airport

Two Chinese dissidents attempting to seek asylum in Taiwan have now been stranded in Taoyuan International Airport for over one hundred days now, with the Taiwanese government apparently remaining undecided about whether to grant them asylum or not. However, in reality, the Taiwanese government is very likely hoping that both will eventually tire of waiting and return to China, in spite of the fact that they may face jail, torture, or death if they do so... Read More


兩位來台灣尋求政治庇護的中國異議份子已滯留桃園國際機場超過一百天,對於是否給予他們政治庇護,台灣政府的態度仍猶豫不決。然而,從現實層面來看,台灣政府很有可能正是想拖到他們等不下去自行回到中國。不過,回到中國後的他們,可能要面對監禁、肉體與精神的折磨,甚至是死亡。... Read More

Inflated Crowd Counts for Han Kuo-yu’s Inauguration Reflective of Poor Fact-checking By Taiwanese Media

News reports earlier this month that Han Kuo-yu’s inauguration was attended by 800,000 people once again prove how easily Taiwanese news is duped by false reporting. Namely, despite how unlikely it would be for the inauguration of Han Kuo-yu to be attended by 800,000 individuals, this is what was claimed by a number of Taiwanese media outlets including UDN, SET, China Times, and TTV... Read More