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Review: Motherland

"Motherland" directed by Ramona S. Diaz, would be an examination of the lives of pregnant women at Dr. Jose Fabella Memorial Hospital, the so-called “baby factory” of the Philippines. In this sense, the film is a look at the overpopulation crisis of the Philippines at the very human level of the conditions faced by the pregnant women living in conditions of poverty who give birth at the Fabella Memorial Hospital... Read More

Review: Path Of Destiny (不得不上路)

Yang Chun-Kai's “Path of Destiny” would be a deft evocation of the challenges facing preservation of indigenous tradition in Taiwan. Namely, even in those rare cases in which young people actively aim to participate in traditions which may soon be lost, the trend may be irreversible. And given inescapable social tensions between modernity and tradition, adherence to tradition demands great personal sacrifice.... Read More

Review: Small Talk (日常對話)

Small Talk, directed by Huang Hui-Chen, is in many ways a remarkable film, but it is also an incredibly unsettling one. Small Talk is a highly personal film, as a documentary detailing Huang’s relation with her mother, Ah-Nu. In particular, Huang’s relation with her mother, who works as a Daoist priestess, is troubled because of Ah-Nu’s emotional distance, as well as that Ah-Nu, a lesbian, had two daughters from an abusive marriage... Read More

「可是歌迷,我們再也買不起演唱會門票」… 幻夢一場的王菲年代

送走幾乎人人憎怨的 2016,2017 第一天的沈迷,卻是王菲在 Youtube 上的「一場幻夢」演唱會。雖被一堆毒舌批評走音或不穩,然而資深歌迷仍心醉不已,因為這樣不完美的聲線,更顯歲月的遞嬗。但,顯然王菲的演唱會已經不是女工,甚或我們這些前臉書時代的歌迷能夠負荷得起的奢侈品了。也許篤信佛教的王菲,藉這場「幻夢一場」的演唱會,告訴我們多少錢買到的門票,都是一場幻夢,有時金錢徒有虛名。一百年後沒有你也沒有我,何必在意到不到場呢?... Read More