Chan Tong-Kai

Intensive Protests in Hong Kong After Death, Accusations of Police Gang Rape, Calls for a General Strike Today

The weekend has seen violent attacks on demonstrators by Hong Kong police following the death of 22-year-old student protester Alex Chow Tsz-lok on Friday after a fall from a car park earlier in the week and the emergence of accusations that police gang-raped an 18-year-old woman last month. A general strike has been called for today. It remains to be seen whether this strike will be paralyzing of Hong Kong society in the way that it was hoped previously called for general strikes would be... Read More

Hong Kong Protests Over the Weekend See High Numbers of Arrests, Politician’s Ear Bitten Off By Assailant

Intensive protests took place in Hong Kong over the weekend, with violence against demonstrators seemingly reaching new heights. Particularly shocking have been images circulated online of district councilor Andrew Chiu’s ear being bitten off by an assailant who previously attacked others with a knife... Read More

Protests Take Place in Hong Kong Over Halloween, Joshua Wong Banned from Running in Elections

Demonstrations that took place concurrently with Halloween celebrations in Hong Kong yesterday, with police attacking sometimes costumed demonstrators. Joshua Wong of Demosisto was blocked from running in district council elections by the Hong Kong government earlier this week... Read More

Hong Kong-Taiwan Murder Case Complicated By Issues Of Sovereignty

A murder case from earlier this year involving a Hong Kong student murdered in Taiwan by her boyfriend, also from Hong Kong, may go unpunished due to legal loopholes regarding Taiwan’s lack of official recognition by Hong Kong and the lack of any extradition treaty. The case raises a number of issues that could affect relations between Hong Kong and Taiwan going forward... Read More