2020 elections in Taiwan

Unexpected Reversals in the Pan-Blue Camp Over the Past Year Indicate Party’s Tenuous Future

The KMT appeared to have experienced a reversal of political fortunes in 2018 elections, in which against expectations, the KMT proved resurgent. Some half a year later, the KMT’s fortunes seem to have reversed. Backlash against the KMT ensued after it released its party list, which was stacked with pro-China candidates. Han is increasingly unpopularity as candidate, having incensed the public with numerous gaffes and having gained a reputation for mismanagement as mayor of Kaohsiung... Read More

The Unstoppable Joy Party: An Interview with Froggy Chiu

New Bloom interviewed Chiu Wei-jie, popularly known as Froggy Chiu, city councilor for Taipei District 3, on December 6th. Chiu is a YouTuber that was elected into office last year, running an unorthodox campaign dependent entirely on online advertising, and with no traditional means of advertising. New Bloom spoke to him about his recently formed political party of YouTubers, the Unstoppable Joy Party... Read More