Rath Chien-Chi Wang

Music’s Role in Shaping Progressive Politics for Youth Visible During Presidential Office Concert

Youth for Tsai, an all-volunteer youth campaign recently formed by a group of university students hoping to take action to protect Taiwan amidst the growing influence from China on interfering with Taiwan domestic politics, was present in numbers at the 2019 Presidential Office Concert on Saturday. Their actions and the concert itself are indicative of progressive politics for Taiwanese young people today...

Marriage Equality Advocates Not Disheartened, Continue Canvassing Across Taiwan

Despite the unexpected results from the referendum last Saturday, pro-marriage equality groups have not backed down. Undeterred, Equal Rights Cuties, Marriage Equality Coalition Taiwan, and the Taiwan Alliance to Promote Civil Partnership Rights have continued to step up efforts to vocally and actively advocate with the public at all levels...
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Rath Chien-Chi Wang

Rath Wang (王健智) currently resides in Taipei, and is passionate in human rights and liberal politics. He fiddles with numbers through bookkeeping in the day, and is an active advocate for Taiwan’s identity, kitties and other furries, a peaceful and inclusive world, and LGBT+. Rath is a global nomad, although his roots lie in the Hakka fields of Taiwan’s mountains, having lived in the US, Thailand, and Japan.