August 2019

Protests in Hong Kong Turn Toward the Playful, While Chinese Rhetoric Against Demonstrations Escalates

Protests in Hong Kong took a turn toward the playful on Wednesday, with protesters pointing hundreds, perhaps thousands of laser pointers at the Hong Kong Space Museum in what was billed as a session of “star gazing”. As the night went on, the protest eventually became a dance party. At the same time, rhetoric against protests from China and the pro-Beijing camp has notably escalated in the last few days... Read More

Violence Against Demonstrators by Police, Triad Members During Hong Kong General Strike

Scenes of disruption took place across Hong Kong today, with a general strike and eight rallies held at the same time across multiple districts of Hong Kong. Apart from the heavy use of tear gas by police during the day, nightfall saw the reemergence of triad members to attack demonstrators... Read More

Freddy Lim’s Departure Pushes NPP Toward Cooperation with the DPP

Freddy Lim announcing his withdrawal from the New Power Party over the party’s failure to adopt a clear policy regarding whether to cooperate with the DPP in next year’s presidential and legislative elections seems to have been surprisingly successful as a political strategy. Lim was able to successfully force the NPP into at least publicly claiming that it will endorse Tsai Ing-wen for reelection in 2020 elections next year... Read More