Chinese extradition law in Hong Kong

KMT Attacks on NPP-Organized Supply Drive for Hong Kong Prove a Strange Exercise in Cognitive Dissonance

A recent incident involving NPP Kaohsiung city councilor Huang Jie and KMT Taoyuan city councilor Chan Chiang-chun proves a strange exercise in cognitive dissonance, after Chan accused Huang of violating Taiwanese national security laws for seeking to solicit donations for ongoing protests in Hong Kong against the deterioration of its political freedoms... Read More

Thousands Protest in Hong Kong International Airport in the Wake of Yesterday’s Police Violence

Thousands of demonstrators crowded into Hong Kong International Airport today in protest of yesterday’s police violence against demonstrators, thought by some to be the highest level of violence in the ten weeks of demonstrations to date. Despite high tension regarding possible police actions, most demonstrators eventually withdrew from the airport by the early evening... Read More

Police Violence Reaches New Heights in Hong Kong, Leads to Calls for Airport Occupation

Brutal scenes of violence took place in Hong Kong yesterday, with what some suspect to have been the highest level of police violence in demonstrations to date. Notably, a female medic is also thought to have lost her eye after being hit with a bean bag fired by police, with parts of her face also shattering, and tear gas was fired inside of an underground MTR station. Calls are now on the rise for an occupation of Hong Kong International Airport, to disrupt the operations of the airport as a whole, to take place this afternoon... Read More

Protests in Hong Kong Turn Toward the Playful, While Chinese Rhetoric Against Demonstrations Escalates

Protests in Hong Kong took a turn toward the playful on Wednesday, with protesters pointing hundreds, perhaps thousands of laser pointers at the Hong Kong Space Museum in what was billed as a session of “star gazing”. As the night went on, the protest eventually became a dance party. At the same time, rhetoric against protests from China and the pro-Beijing camp has notably escalated in the last few days... Read More

Violence Against Demonstrators by Police, Triad Members During Hong Kong General Strike

Scenes of disruption took place across Hong Kong today, with a general strike and eight rallies held at the same time across multiple districts of Hong Kong. Apart from the heavy use of tear gas by police during the day, nightfall saw the reemergence of triad members to attack demonstrators... Read More