Chinese extradition law in Hong Kong

Familiar Cycle of Clashes as Protests Take Place in Hong Kong Against Beijing-Backed Security Legislation

Protests involving clashes between demonstrators and police broke out today in Hong Kong, in the apparent resumption of what was a familiar pattern in the last year. The demonstration today was against plans by China’s National People’s Congress to pass security legislation circumventing the Hong Kong Legislative Council. Police did not wait for long to use tear gas, firing tear gas at demonstrators around 1:30 PM... Read More

Pro-Beijing Camp Takes Chair Seat in Preparation to Force Security Legislation in Hong Kong

Outrage has broken out in Hong Kong after Starry Lee was re-elected as chair of the House Committee of the Legislative Council. The House Committee reviews bills before their second reading in LegCo and has the power to decide whether a Bills Committee is formed to further review a bill... Read More