Shopping Mall Protests and Memorials for the Fallen Take Place Over the Weekend in Hong Kong

Police violence against protestors again took place in Hong Kong yesterday. Police violence yesterday took place after protest activities in shopping malls, billed as a form of Christmas shopping, and memorial activities for Marco Leung, who is viewed as the first protestor to die connected to the movement... Read More

從「蝻亞」到「東南亞巴打」: 香港的示威行動如何將大眾與少數族群連結在一起

在香港的人口組成中,東南亞裔一直是有一定曝光度的族群。然而,在香港主流媒體和大眾的眼中,他們一直被視為犯罪率高、教育程度低,以及猥褻的一群,從不受任何社群歡迎。即使他們在香港本地出生長大,卻鮮少被視作土生土長的港人。... Read More

The Pro-Unification Left’s Responses to the Hong Kong Protests Reveals A Sharp Shift Rightward

The Taiwanese pro-unification’s left response to the ongoing protests in Hong Kong has been telling. Either one ignores the present events as though protests had not rocked Hong Kong for now close to half a year. Or, worse, some have even seen to fit to lash out at the protests, simply because they challenge the Chinese Communist Party... Read More

Demonstrators Trapped at Hong Kong Polytechnic University For Over 48 Hours Now

Demonstrators have now been trapped within the Hong Kong Polytechnic University, surrounded by police and with exits to the university sealed, for over 48 hours now. Those still trapped in the university face the threat of eventually running out of supplies, such as food and water. It is also thought that many of those remaining are injured after weathering many hours of police assaults... Read More