The Chinese Government Claiming That America Is Behind Demonstrations in Hong Kong Is Nothing New

A recent development in the demonstrations against the extradition bill in Hong Kong has been the Chinese government calling on America to stop politically interfering by inciting the protests. The CCP has long alleged “foreign interference” as responsible for the outbreak of various forms of resistance against its rule... Read More

Is Threatening to Mobilize the PLA in Hong Kong More Than Just a Threat?

The Chinese Ministry of Defense’s chief spokesperson, senior colonel Wu Qian, stated in comments earlier today that the People’s Liberation Army could be deployed in Hong Kong to put down demonstrations against the Beijing-backed extradition bill at the request of the Hong Kong government. What does this mean for protests, going forward?... Read More

Cooperation Between Police and Gangsters in Hong Kong Draws Parallels to Taiwan

Last night's attacks on anti-extradition bill demonstrators in Hong Kong proved shocking for many, with individuals thought to be pro-Beijing gangsters attacking unarmed demonstrators and police, for the most part, turning a blind eye to their actions. Nevertheless, comparisons to Taiwan may be useful here... Read More

Violent Attacks on Anti-Extradition Bill Demonstrators from Gangsters, Police in Hong Kong

Attacks by individuals thought to be pro-Beijing gangsters on anti-extradition bill demonstrators took place late last night in Hong Kong, coming on the heels of a protest march called for by the Civil Human Rights Front which organizers stated drew 430,000. The end of the rally also saw riot police firing tear gas and rubber bullets at demonstrators and police later turned a blind eye to the assaults on demonstrators by gangsters... Read More

Swift Action from the Tsai Administration Needed Regarding Hong Kong Asylum Seekers

Taiwan's lack of any formal asylum policy—with no formalized process for processing applications by asylum seekers—is likely to be tested in the near future, with the Apple Daily reporting that thirty Hong Kong protesters have fled to Taiwan in the aftermath of the attempted occupation of LegCo on July 1st. According to the Apple Daily, another wave of more than thirty Hong Kong protesters are considering fleeing to Taiwan in the near future.... Read More

Over 200,000 Demonstrate Against Extradition Bill Outside of West Kowloon Station

Hundreds of thousands demonstrated outside of the West Kowloon rail station today, the first major demonstration of protests against the extradition bill to take place on the Kowloon side of Hong Kong harbor. The protest had the unusual focus of attempting to outreach to Chinese nationals. Following what is now a familiar pattern, after nightfall, clashes with police broke out ... Read More

Discursive Struggle Breaks out Between Democracy Activists and Hong Kong Government on Framing of LegCo Invasion

What should be self-apparent is that in the aftermath of the brief occupation of LegCo in Hong Kong Monday, a discursive battle is currently being fought between pro-democracy activists and government officials regarding the framing of the occupation attempt. Hong Kong government officials have, unsurprisingly, attempted to depict activists as a violent and irrational mob. On the other hand, pro-democracy activists have pointed to the fact that demonstrators were pushed into taking an extreme form of action because of the refusal of the government to back down, that demonstrators were not violent, and that there is no comparing the physical violence used against peaceful demonstrators by riot police to property damage within LegCo... Read More