Aesthetics And Politics In Demonstrations Against Labor Law Changes

Although it may have failed in preventing the changes from passing in the end, demonstrations against the Tsai administration's changes to the Labor Standards Act developed a unique visual language. Namely, in the past few years, a sign of the “maturity” of any social movement in Taiwan is that movement developing a unique visual language of its own. We might examine the characteristics of protest art during demonstrations against the Labor Standards Act, then... Read More

A Coming Storm After The Passage Of Labor Law Changes?

With the passage of the Tsai administration’s planned changes to the Labor Standards Act this morning, it seems that organized labor, Taiwanese youth activists, and Third Force parties have suffered a defeat. But this may return to the present challenge of Taiwanese politics—to break with the DPP in a manner which advances the progressive politics which the DPP no longer is the standard bearer of... Read More

As Protests Continue, Why Is The DPP So Intent On Passing Labor Law Changes, Anyway?

The camp-out against the Tsai administration’s planned changes to the Labor Standards Act continues into its second day, with it being anticipated that the changes will see their third reading today within the Legislative Yuan. At this juncture, it may be useful to examine why exactly the DPP is so intent on passing through changes to the Labor Standards Act... Read More

Camp-Out Against Labor Law Begins, Attempts Made To Storm City Streets

Protests against the Tsai administration’s planned changes to the Labor Standards Act continues. Today saw the start of a weeklong camp-out outside the Legislative Yuan in order to demonstrate the planned changes, as well as a dramatic action by students intended to escalate events, with attempts to block Zhongshan South Road, Beiping North Road, Civic Boulevard, and other roads. However, the day also began with the dismantling of the New Power Party’s occupation against the planned changes by police in the early morning hours... Read More

Migrant Workers March For Better Labor Conditions Despite Heavy Rain, Wind, And Cold

Despite heavy rain, wind, and cold, several hundred migrant workers and supportive Taiwanese activists marched today from the Ministry of Labor close to the Dadaocheng area in western Taipei, past Taipei Main Station, and towards the Presidential Office. There, migrant workers held a rally on Ketagalan Boulevard in front of the barricades surrounding the Presidential Office... Read More

NPP Occupation In Front Of Presidential Office Continues Past 24 Hours

As the New Power Party's occupation in front of the Presidential Office continues past its 24th hour, shock and outrage has ensued against the Tsai administration for the disproportionate police reaction against demonstrations against planned changes to the Labor Standards Act. This includes police setting up a restricted area around the Presidential Office so large that Taiwanese media has dubbed it to be the "largest restricted area in Taiwanese history"... Read More

Outrage From Activists Over Police Actions During Labor Demonstration

Outrage continues from Taiwanese activists regarding the actions taken by police against demonstrations against the Tsai administration’s planned labor laws on December 23rd. Outrage has centered around the kettling of activists without any legal justification provided by police for detaining the freedom of movement of citizens, an incident in which the clothes of a woman being dragged onto a police bus were torn off and her hands were bound with a belt, and the arrest of lawyers... Read More

Protests Against Labor Law Changes See Clashes Not Seen Since Sunflower Movement

The protests against planned labor law changes by the Tsai administration that took place yesterday may end up being remembered as historic for Taiwanese labor, in marking the start of what will be remembered as a new era of labor militancy. There probably has not been any protest as dramatic or intense since the Sunflower Movement, even if protests ended with a number of arrests.... Read More