Outrage From Activists Over Police Actions During Labor Demonstration

Outrage continues from Taiwanese activists regarding the actions taken by police against demonstrations against the Tsai administration’s planned labor laws on December 23rd. Outrage has centered around the kettling of activists without any legal justification provided by police for detaining the freedom of movement of citizens, an incident in which the clothes of a woman being dragged onto a police bus were torn off and her hands were bound with a belt, and the arrest of lawyers... Read More

Protests Against Labor Law Changes See Clashes Not Seen Since Sunflower Movement

The protests against planned labor law changes by the Tsai administration that took place yesterday may end up being remembered as historic for Taiwanese labor, in marking the start of what will be remembered as a new era of labor militancy. There probably has not been any protest as dramatic or intense since the Sunflower Movement, even if protests ended with a number of arrests.... Read More

10,000 Occupy Major Taipei Intersection To Demonstrate Planned Labor Law Changes

Demonstration against the Tsai administration’s planned changes to the Labor Standards Act began today have been intense Protests began at noon outside DPP headquarters. After three hours of speeches, at which point demonstrators swelled to over 10,000, the demonstration marched towards the Legislative Yuan along Zhongxiao West Road. After being blocked by police from proceeding further, demonstrators instead occupied the intersection of Zhongxiao West Road and Zhongshan North and South Roads, where they remain... Read More

Despite Official Celebrations, Path For Migrant Workers’ Rights Remains Long In Taiwan

Despite official commemorations by the Taiwanese government yesterday stressing the role migrant workers play in Taiwanese society at the 228 Memorial Park to commemorate International Migrants’ Day, which is today on December 18th, rights for migrant workers has a long way to go in Taiwan. This what bears keeping in mind today on International Migrants’ Day... Read More

Anger Over Firing Of China Airlines Union Leaders By Management

Anger has broken out from activists after punishment against China Airlines workers for participation in the China Airlines strike last year, the first strike in the history Taiwan’s airline industry. This took the form of the firing of China Airlines workers Lin Xinyi, forced transfer of Zhang Shuyuan, and Zhu Liangjun facing punishment and being made to sit down and talk with management... Read More

30,000 Protest Against Labor Law Changes In Kaohsiung, Pressure On DPP Growing

With reportedly over 30,000 taking to the streets yesterday in Kaohsiung in demonstration against planned changes according to some counts, significantly larger than any protest in Taipei to date, pressure upon the DPP regarding planned changes to the Labor Standards Act will continue, increasing the likelihood of divides within the party... Read More