September 2018

Unusual Actions By America Against Erstwhile Diplomatic Allies Of Taiwan

Do recent American actions indicate stronger support of Taiwan? Namely, American actions as of late have been unusual, with America taking the high-level step of recalling diplomatic representatives to three countries which recently broke ties with the ROC in favor of acknowledging the PRC, the Dominican Republic, El Salvador, and Panama... Read More

Have Ko Wen-Je’s Attempts To Attack Wu Yin-ning Backfired?

Has the political tide reversed with regards to controversies about Wu Yin-ning’s management of the Taipei Agricultural Products Marketing Corporation? Namely, Wu previously came under fire from Taipei mayor Ko Wen-Je for her management of the company, leading to speculation that Wu might resign from her position. However, attempts by Ko to attack Wu have now led to criticism of Ko for political bullying... Read More

Murder Of Canadian English Teacher Has Been Sensationalized By Irresponsible Reporting

Panic about the murder of Canadian English teacher Ramgahan Sanjay Ryan has been amplified by sensationalist news reporting from media outlets. In particular, one news outlet, Taiwan News, has seized upon the case to drive up hits, as it is probably the main source of information about the case among expats that cannot read Chinese-language news sources in Taiwan. We might take a look... Read More

Tsai Administration Carries Out Politically-Motivated Use Of Capital Punishment

Make no mistake: The execution of a 39-year-old man in Kaohsiung last Friday is a political killing. In all probability, the Tsai administration went ahead with the execution as a way to score political points for the DPP in the lead-up to 2018 local elections and in order to counter criticisms that it has been lax on violent crime... Read More