September 2018

Anger Against Hong Kong Chief Executive Following Typhoon Mangkhut

Hong Kong Chief Executive Carrie Lam has come under fire for her administration’s handling of Super Typhoon Mangkhut, particularly with regards to a failure to declare the day off for residents of Hong Kong. Mangkhut, the world’s strongest storm in 2018 to date, battered Hong Kong this weekend, injuring over 100 and causing damage to property and infrastructure in Hong Kong... Read More

Concerns Regarding Fake News On The Rise After Diplomat Suicide

Concerns regarding fake news are on the rise in Taiwan, particularly regarding fake news of Chinese origin generated by content farms. Increased attention to the issue of fake news comes after several recent incidents, including an influx of suspicious users to Taiwan’s largest Internet forum and the suicide of a Taiwanese diplomat in Japan... Read More

Retaliation Against Efforts To Investigate Chinese Spying In Taiwan?

Chinese spying efforts in Taiwan have been under closer scrutiny in past months, as observed in government investigation of the New Party and Chinese Unification Promotion Party. However, reports by Chinese state-run media in the last week warning against Taiwanese spies in China could be retaliation for the Tsai administration's recent efforts against Chinese spying... Read More

Increased International Attention Towards Xinjiang A Net Positive, But What Now?

China's mass detention of Uighurs in Xinjiang has exploded into western media coverage in the past month, with the plight of Uighurs seeing no less than a front page article in the New York Times. This marks a welcome change from years preceding, in which little international attention went to the construction of a police state in Xinjiang... Read More

Scandal Breaks Out Regarding Transitional Justice Efforts And Hou You-Yi

Efforts to pursue transitional justice under the Tsai administration have met with scandal over comments made during a meeting by Chang Tien-chin, the deputy chair of the Transitional Justice Commission understood as a proposal to manipulate public opinion to benefit the DPP in upcoming 2018 local elections later this year. The ensuing backlash led to Chang's resignation. It remains to be seen how efforts to pursue transitional justice under the Tsai administration will be affected by the scandal... Read More

Chinese Pressure Leads To University Of Salamanca To Cancel Taiwan Days Event

News that China applied pressure to cause the cancellation of a series of Taiwan-themed events at the University of Salamanca in October 2017 may not be too surprising in consideration of increasing Chinese pressure on Taiwan globally. Nevertheless, the incident sets a highly negative precedent for Chinese pressure on Taiwan in academic contexts, whether in Europe or in the world... Read More