July 2018

Anger After Netizens Mock Newly Appointed Executive Yuan Spokesperson Kolas Yotaka’s Name

Anger has broken out from Taiwanese activists in response to mockery of newly Executive Yuan spokesperson Kolas Yotaka’s name by netizens. In particular, Kolas was mocked by netizens because like many other Taiwanese indigenous, she prefers to use Latin script to render her indigenous name rather than Chinese characters... Read More

Is The Ma Indictment A Sign Of The Party Assets Probe Targeting Higher-Level KMT Officials?

The recent indictment of former president Ma Ying-Jeou on charges tied to the KMT’s illegal party assets and KMT-affiliated organizations would have been more or less an inevitable event, if the DPP is serious about its ongoing probe into illegal party assets of the KMT. However, is this a sign that the KMT party assets probe is expanding?... Read More

Real Estate Scandals Continue To Face KMT Politicians?

Two recent incidents prove examples of murky KMT politics at the local level, with KMT politicians in both urban and rural areas implicated in scandals regarding real estate. This can be observed both with a scandal regarding a dorm complex owned by KMT mayoral candidate Hou You-yi and the sentencing of former Yunlin County commissioner Chang Jung-wei by the Supreme Court... Read More