January 2017

Conference Held Between Post-Umbrella And Sunflower Movement Legislators In Taiwan

A visit by Hong Kong legislators to Taiwan over the past weekend for a conference organized by the New Power Party has seen protests from pro-China groups in Taiwan, as well as warnings from China against Taiwanese independence activists and Hong Kong independence activists seeking to ally with each other... Read More

Reactions To Labor Reforms Revealing Of Fundamental Issues With Taiwan’s Workplace Culture?

The twisted nature of Tawan's workplace culture is evident in that business groups’ solution to what is quite evidently a problem of understaffing after recent labor reforms is not to hire more workers, but in many cases to try and force workers to work overtime. The Tsai administration has not proved much better... Read More


本文運用台灣國家安全調查報告(美國杜克大學政治系牛銘實教授主持)和政治大學選舉研究中心的長期調查資料,來描述台灣人是怎麼看待兩岸關係的現狀。本文的英文原版投稿至華盛頓郵報的Monkey Cage專欄,標題為:The Taiwanese see themselves as Taiwanese, not as Chinese。原本的目的是想要表達台灣人眼中的現狀是什麼,以及論述:其實現狀絕非靜止不動的,尤其,跟四十年前一中政策剛形成的時候相比,世界早已不同了!... Read More

「可是歌迷,我們再也買不起演唱會門票」… 幻夢一場的王菲年代

送走幾乎人人憎怨的 2016,2017 第一天的沈迷,卻是王菲在 Youtube 上的「一場幻夢」演唱會。雖被一堆毒舌批評走音或不穩,然而資深歌迷仍心醉不已,因為這樣不完美的聲線,更顯歲月的遞嬗。但,顯然王菲的演唱會已經不是女工,甚或我們這些前臉書時代的歌迷能夠負荷得起的奢侈品了。也許篤信佛教的王菲,藉這場「幻夢一場」的演唱會,告訴我們多少錢買到的門票,都是一場幻夢,有時金錢徒有虛名。一百年後沒有你也沒有我,何必在意到不到場呢?... Read More

Is The Tsai Administration Planning To Push For Use Of The Name “Taiwan” Internationally?

Renewed contestation has erupted regarding Taiwan’s name, with China lodging protest over the renaming of Taiwan’s de facto embassy organization in Japan from the “Interchange Association (Japan)” to the “Japan-Taiwan Exchange Association”. Is this a sign that the Tsai administration plans on pushing for greater use of the name "Taiwan" internationally in the near future?... Read More