January 2017

What Do The WikiLeaks Revelations About Hillary Clinton’s Taiwan Comments Reveal?

The WikiLeaks e-mails in which Hillary Clinton expresses interest in the idea of abandoning Taiwan in exchange for economic concessions from China expresses a worldview she, in fact, shares with Donald Trump and other American politicians. Such politicians have only ever viewed Taiwan as a bargaining chip from the beginning... Read More

New Contenders Enter Race For KMT Party Chair

The upcoming race for KMT party chair seems set to be a hotly contested one, with party heavyweights Hau Lung-Bin and Wu Den-Yih seeking to pry the position of KMT party chair away from Hung Hsiu-Chu. But new contenders have entered the race. Further questions are up in the air about ties between candidates for KMT party chair and Terry Gou, a possible future presidential candidate of the KMT ... Read More

Tsai’s Stopover In Houston And The Possibility Of A Tsai-Trump Meeting

Tsai Ing-Wen's stopover transit in Houston on her way to visit Honduras, Nicaragua, Guatemala, and El Salvador and her subsequent meeting with Texas senator and former presidential hopeful Ted Cruz may have drawn hysterics from alarmists, but it is really no more than business as usual. But this non-departure from standard procedure in and of itself is worthy of reflection, and we might take look at how this fits into the current context of Taiwan’s international situation... Read More