Han Accuses DPP of Trying to Rig the Elections In Order to Distract from Personal Scandals

Attempts by KMT presidential candidate Han Kuo-yu to insist that the DPP is trying to rig Taiwan’s democratic process against it are on the rise as of late. This is likely in response to polling showing a significant lead by Tsai and numerous scandals which have rocked Han lately, including not only with regards to Han’s significant personal wealth but the possibility of his being aided by Chinese disinformation efforts... Read More

從「蝻亞」到「東南亞巴打」: 香港的示威行動如何將大眾與少數族群連結在一起

在香港的人口組成中,東南亞裔一直是有一定曝光度的族群。然而,在香港主流媒體和大眾的眼中,他們一直被視為犯罪率高、教育程度低,以及猥褻的一群,從不受任何社群歡迎。即使他們在香港本地出生長大,卻鮮少被視作土生土長的港人。... Read More

Questions Remain Unanswered About Secretive Refugee Medical Deal Between Taiwan and Australia

A 2017 deal inked between Taiwan and Australia for Taiwan to provide medical treatment for refugees stranded on Nauru that the Australian government refuses to admit was again in the news last month after Buzzfeed News obtained the text of the Memorandum of Understanding inked between the two countries regarding the agreement... Read More