Reactions To Labor Reforms Revealing Of Fundamental Issues With Taiwan’s Workplace Culture?

The twisted nature of Tawan's workplace culture is evident in that business groups’ solution to what is quite evidently a problem of understaffing after recent labor reforms is not to hire more workers, but in many cases to try and force workers to work overtime. The Tsai administration has not proved much better... Read More

第十五集 / Issue #15

New Bloom’s next issue will focus on recent Taiwanese labor demonstrations, regarding demonstrations over the issues of “one flexible rest day” and one set day off and against planned cuts by the Tsai administration to public holidays / 下一期破土將聚焦於最近的台灣勞工抗爭,探討針對『一例一休』問題,以及蔡英文政府計畫刪除國定假日所引發的抗爭... Read More