Interview: Jennifer Lu (呂欣潔)

In early April, New Bloom’s Brian Hioe interviewed the Social Democratic Party's Jennifer Lu (呂欣潔) by Skype. Although several months have passed since then, we still believe the interview still to be insightful about the Social Democratic Party and its political positions in the present. This was our second interview with Jennifer Lu, we first interviewed her in August of 2014.... Read More

CNEX 執行長陳玲珍訪談

CNEX 從創立以來一直提供華人新一代紀錄片工作者非常重要的交流平台,所監製的紀錄片也在國際上逐漸受到重視。創立到現在已經九年,九年之間兩岸三地的紀錄片光譜如同它所記錄的大社會型態一樣變化遽大。《破土》訪談了 CNEX 創辦人之一,目前 CNEX 執行長陳玲珍,以下為訪談內容。... Read More