Parson Young

Eagles of Revolution: A Tribute to Women in Marxism

International Women’s Day, now celebrated all over the world and adopted by the United Nations, has a Marxist origin. Originally, the labor movement in the United States and the Socialist Party of America started the holiday. It was first called the International Working Women’s Day, and its inaugural celebration was organized by Clara Zetkin, a prominent German Marxist and later a member of the Communist Party of Germany, on March 19th, 1911. The liberation of women from oppression under capitalist society has always been one of the top priorities of the Marxist revolutionary program, and past revolutionary struggles sent shock waves throughout the world, which substantially contributed to the progression of women’s rights across the globe. ...


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Parson Young

Parson Young studied in New York University for his masters in Political Science. He is a member of the US branch of the International Marxist Tendency, as well as an English editor for New Bloom. His academic interest turned from African (especially East African) International Political Economy into Marxism.

楊進,紐約大學政治系碩士。國際馬克思主義趨勢(International Marxist Tendency)美國支部成員。破土雜誌英文編輯。在學時主要研究非洲(尤其是東非)國際政治經濟,後來興趣越來越偏向馬克思主義。