Seeds: New York Stands with Hong Kong, Power to the People Rally

More than 700 New Yorkers showed up at the New York City rally in support of Hong Kong’s pro-democracy protests last weekend. The protest is simultaneously about many things: yet the democratic future of Hong Kong and police brutality are the two major issues at the heart of the events that have unfolded over the past few weeks... Read More


2018年六月二十一號,市議員耶史比與商業領導者、社運人士與環保組織,推出了936法案,而讓紐約市正式加入了禁止使用一次性塑膠吸管的運動。由於這個動作,紐約市加入了其他想要禁止一次性塑膠吸管國家與城市。這是一個深思熟慮的立法,提供商家2年適應機會,第一次罰款美金一百元,第二次四百元,包含了執行機構,也有提供給予殘障者的例外。... Read More

Seeds: Straw Free NYC

On June 21st, 2018, with Intro No 936, New York City officially joins the movement in an attempt to ban single-use plastic straws, spearheaded by Council Member Espinal with the support of a coalition of business leaders, activists, and environmental organizations. Given public discussion in Taiwan regarding an upcoming ban on plastic straws, we might take a look at this in comparison... Read More


On a chilly, windy afternoon in New York, fifty or so Taiwanese people gathered at the historic Stonewall Inn, landmark of LGBTQ resistance. This group of overseas Taiwanese, many of them overseas students, voiced their support for marriage equality in Taiwan and promoted the cause to fellow New Yorkers with original art, temporary tattoos, protest signs, chants, and, most importantly, their presence... Read More


二月十三日,維冠大樓災區,我看見大約二十位身穿台灣長老教會背心,在衣服或吊牌上別著日本國旗的志工。物資站裡,日本籍志工人數也比台灣籍的還多。我與其中幾位交流以後發現,他們的共同認為幫助台灣救災是極其重要的事,尤其是日本311地震時,臺灣捐贈的金額是所有捐款國家中最多的。現居於台南的職業撞球選手--北山亞紀子 (Akiko Kitayama) 表示”當人們遭遇困難時,我們就要伸出援手。即使彼此互不相識,你也會幫助。更何況現在是有恩於我們的人們,當然要幫忙。日本與臺灣將會成為永遠的摯友。”... Read More