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New Passport Design Announced by Tsai Administration, Following Passport Contest by NPP

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs revealed a new design for the Taiwanese passport on Wednesday. The new passport design was unveiled under the auspices of preventing confusion between Taiwan and China, a particularly salient issue during the COVID-19 pandemic. The Tsai administration cited cases of Taiwanese travelers being mistaken for Chinese travelers in the course of the pandemic—due to the words “Republic of China” on the passport—to justify the change... Read More

NPP Central Committee Elections Sees Huang Jie’s Departure, Kao Yu-ting Elected as Chair

The NPP saw its central committee elections last week, with a three-day voting period ending on August 27th, and results announced on August 28th. However, after a month that saw a series of departures from the party, the voting process again saw controversy after Kaohsiung city councilor Huang Jie abruptly withdrew from the party on August 26th, when the party was still in the middle of its voting. The final results led to Kao Yu-ting's elections as party chair... Read More

Despite Stable Outlook, Taiwan Must Contend with Successive Global Waves of COVID-19

Taiwan marked one hundred days since the last case of domestic transmission of COVID-19 on July 17th, with the last case of local COVID-19 transmission having taken place on April 8th. It appears as though the COVID-19 situation is still under control in Taiwan, Taiwan having managed to avoid the expansive lockdowns that the rest of the world has seen. However, with the second and third waves of COVID-19 taking place globally and five new imported cases added today, Taiwan is likely to see an uptick in imported cases going forward... Read More

Institution of Lay Judge System Not Likely to Satisfy Advocates of Judicial Reform

Judicial reform proponents came into conflict with the Tsai administration over its plans to introduce a lay judge system in Taiwan, rather than a jury trial system, earlier this month. However, the results of a vote by the Legislative Yuan earlier this week resulted in the implementation of a lay judge system, rather than a jury system... Read More

Will the Dalai Lama Visit Taiwan?

The issue of whether the Tsai administration will allow a visit by the Dalai Lama to Taiwan has again become a political issue, following the reformation of the Taiwan Parliament Group for Tibet. Although the group existed in the past, it has been restarted by independent legislator Freddy Lim for the new legislative session. The Taiwan Parliament Group for Tibet has called on the Tsai administration to invite the Dalai Lama to visit Taiwan... Read More

Tatung Investment Controversy Leads to Conflict Between Sunflower Movement Figures

An unusual controversy has broken out regarding the Tatung Company, one of Taiwan’s most recognizable brands. Tatung primarily produces electronics and appliances and is sometimes thought of as Taiwan’s most recognizable appliance brand. The controversy is unusual because of the involvement of political figures such as former NPP chair Huang Kuo-chang and Economic Democracy Union convener Lai Chung-chiang, both of whom are lawyers that were involved in civil society activism in the years prior to the 2014 Sunflower Movement and who were major figures during the movement... Read More

The KMT’s Criticisms of the Tsai Administration’s Voucher Program Reflect Desperation

An unusual political controversy as of late has been regarding a stimulus coupon that the Tsai administration intends to distribute in order to promote spending. The coupons, which are available for purchase for 1,000 NT, are worth 3,000 NT and can be used at businesses such as night markets, department stores, salons, bookstores, restaurants, and other locations. The KMT has honed in on this program as a means of attacking the Tsai administration... Read More