1992 Consensus

Public Outcry After Award-Winning Baker Declares Himself to Be from “Taiwan, China”

Shock has broken out in Taiwan after baker Wu Pao-chun made an online statement that he was born in “Taiwan, China” and that he was proud of being Chinese. Wu is currently seeking to expand his chain of bakeries to China, hence why his remarks may not surprise. However, Wu’s remarks were shocking because his achievements as a baker had previously made him an object of national pride... Read More

Does China Plan On Investigating Taiwanese Companies For Their Political Donations?

DPP legislators would in the past week make allegations that the Chinese government has begun investigating whether Taiwanese businesses operating in China have made donations to the pan-Green political camp. If found to have done so, the Chinese government reportedly intends to take punitive measures against such companies, forcing them to make statements acknowledging the 1992 Consensus or otherwise acknowledging a political stance that Taiwan is a part of China ... Read More

From the KMT’s ’1992 Consensus’ to the DPP’s ’Spirit of the 1992 Consensus’?

Recent comments by current DPP general-secretary Joseph Wu recently stirred waves. Wu stated the incoming DPP government under Tsai Ing-Wen will preserve the spirit of cooperation of the 1992 Consensus. What is surprising about Wu’s comments is that the DPP has in the past never acknowledged the existence of the 1992 Consensus... Read More